Friday, June 30, 2006

Cyborg Assassin

Since I finished coloring Insectapods, and haven't begun my new colorist gig yet, it occured to me that I haven't picked up a pencil and actually drawn in over a year. This is a character I've had floating in my head for a while, so I drew, inked and colored it. While its not the best pose in the world, at least I know that I can still use a pencil. I'll probably do some more poses until I become busy again, and they should improve from here. Like it, hate it? let me know.


Simeon said...

Lamb, didn't mention this in email, but I should here. You should be doing's a cool character, and I want to see it in other poses, and in an environment- hell, it'll give you more time to brush up on your coloring....pages will be coming soonly....tee hee

Hozej said...

Yea, He looks good! If you’re going to continue messing around with him I would love to see him in a poorly lit ally crouching on top of a dumpster with 6 headless bodies surrounding it. I imagine them falling in sequence like dominos with the heads tumbling down their appendages. Hmmm, he inspires much carnage.
Talk to you soon